Would a fireproof safe really have helped?

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  • DENVER (CBS4) – After a house fire or a wildfire in which homes burn, people often wonder if fireproof safes are really fireproof.

    "If I had my computer files backed up and in a fireproof safe or stored off-site that probably would have helped us get going a lot quicker than it did," said Beil.

  • Sentrysafe has just released their waterproof and fireproof safe in Japan. That in itself wouldn’t be newsworthy but this is no ordinary safe… this is a USB safe. The safe has a USB cord/slot which allows you to safely store your hard drive inside the safe but still have access to the data. So, as long as your data is properly password protected and such, it will be “safe” in this safe. It might be vulnerable to hackers but definitely not thieves. The safe will retail for 165,000 yen which is about $1800 US.

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    SentrySafe told CBS4 that each of their fireproof safes has a lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee. Should one of their safes get destroyed in a fire, it will be replaced at no cost.

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      Fireproof safe

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      1,Structure with fireproof material

      2,Quafilied with EU ECB-C grade

      3,Fireproof performance reach VDMA-B standard


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  • Buying a fireproof safe is a sound investment for any family or business that wants to store important documents and other important items in a place where they're protected from fire. However, not all safes are equally fireproof, and it's important to know to what to look for when buying a fireproof safe in order to get one that offers the protection you need. Fireproof safes are rated by the heat of the flames they're able to withstand, what the maximum temperature can be inside the safe, and how long the safe can be exposed to the fire before the maximum temperature is reached. Read the following steps to find out how to buy a fireproof safe.

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While no one likes to think that events like break-ins, fires and floods might happen to them, the truth is that these things can happen to anybody. Most people arm their homes with door locks, window locks, and fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as a way to forestall these disasters; so it makes sense to add a fireproof safe that can protect hard-to-replace documents, currency and large and small valuables in case of fire or flood. Safes designed specifically for handguns or long guns like rifles and shotguns will not only protect your weapons from fire, water damage and theft, it will keep them safely out of the hands of small children or unauthorized adults.